Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tororo - Pastors and Leaders Conference

The first big breakthrough happened on the first day as Herman and Joe preached on the Father's heart and on sonship. A lot of the pastors and leaders grew up fatherless or with an abusive father that it was difficult for them to see God as a loving father. But that day, the Holy Spirit broke through and God's liquid love poured over the people that many wept because they had never, until now, experienced the love of a father.

One pastor shared when he was a child, his father beat him when he asked for money for pen and books. His father response was, "Where do you see the money?"  But that day for the first time, he felt the tangible presence of God and he broke down in tears as he received the love of Father God for him.

Another pastor shared that his father has three wives, and he was the youngest son of the third wife. When he was still a baby, his father abandoned them. Growing up he didn't have any parental love, and he couldn't understand how God who he cannot see can love him when his father who he can see cannot.  But that day, God touched him. He also felt the tangible presence of God caressing him on his head, and tears started to flow down.  He said that he now has a new foundation in life, and he wants to become a good and loving father to his children, and to his spiritual children.

Another pastor shared that God gave him a picture of a family, where the son told his dad, "Stay home. I will provide for the family." He realized that he had been thinking like that son. He is trying to provide for the family, but God is saying to him, "Let me be the father and you just be my son."  It was the beginning of the release of a huge burden that he had been carrying.

Day two Natalie taught on the Holy Spirit. During the soaking session, the Holy Spirit ministered to the people  that their countenance changed. Natalie observed that their faces glowed like people in love and when worship started again, it was like everyone's spirit was free and able to soar!
Day three Karyne taught about generational blessings and curses, and Gabe taught about spiritual warfare.  Day four, I (Denise) taught on confession, power of agreement, and soul ties. Then we went into a time of prayer and intercession.  

The pastors and leaders themselves applied what they had learned and interceded on behalf of their families, their churches, their towns and villages, their country. It was so powerful when everyone prayed in one accord that we felt the shift in the spiritual realm.

That day, Pastor Philemon, head of the Tororo Deliverance church and our gracious host, challenged the pastors and leaders. He said Africans have a mentality of always looking to receive from the west. How can God bless them when they only receive but don't give. So he challenged the leaders to give so that Africa can be a blessing to the nations. So people gave, and the next day, even though the pastor didn't take up a collection, people came up to him and gave voluntarily, and the last day, they gave again.  I was so touched by their obedience and generosity.  I know they will be blessed for sowing into the kingdom of God.

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