Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting ready to go

Happy new year!  Eight days to go before we leave for our mission trip to Uganda. We'll be leaving Jan. 8th and will be back Toronto Jan. 27th, flying on Air Emirates new fleet of A380's!

I'm so touched by the support I've received from so many people, from family and relatives, the church family, to friends from school, work, family friends, and people across the miles. I went from having no skirts to wear, to having this collection of skirts and sarongs. Thank you all so much!

It's dry season this time of the year in Uganda, with highs of 28C and lows of 17C. A welcome relief from winter in Toronto!

Here are the teams consisting of people from Toronto, Vancouver, and Alaska that will be going to the different regions.

I'm on the Tororo team, led by one of our own, Gabe. Our itinerary is not as crazy as some of the other teams whose members may be split to go to different venues, or they have multiple events on the same day, but still busy! From what I hear, everything in Uganda or in mission trips for that matter, is always subject to change.
Sun, Jan 10th – Arrival in Kampala
Mon, Jan 11th – Travel to Tororo. I'm imagining a minibus like this one where our luggage is strapped on the top of the van.
Tues - Sat, Jan 12th – 16th – Crusades / Visits to villages
Sun – Thurs, Jan 17th – 21st – Pastors / leaders conference (150 people)
Fri, Jan 22nd – Travel to Kampala

We will be teaching, preaching, building relationships, offering practical help. Please continue to pray for us, as we will be doing things beyond our normal comfort level, such as teaching to a group of pastors and leaders, preaching in the marketplaces, or calling on the Holy Spirit to work miracles of healing, signs and wonders.

Below is an image of the Tororo rock. This rock is likened to the Eiffel Tower in Paris--it is visible from any location in Tororo.  This will be our view from the ground.

Keep posted for updates from the other side of the world. Thank you and God bless you!

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