Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Karyne's first post

Hey Everyone!

Just want to let you all know that we have arrived safely and that we are doing well!

Nothing eventful has happened so far except that Ryan fainted on the plane -- was kinda funny. Due to low blood pressure and not eating anything .... but he's all good and well now! He's more than made up for his lack of appetite here!!

The food is fantastic (as per usual) and we're all eating really well. the pineapple is soooo sweet!

Anyhow -- the flight was amazing -- I hope we get to fly Emirates ALL THE TIME!

We are all splitting up today and going off to our respective cities --> Audrey to Soroti and Gabe/me to Tororo ....

It'll be sad to be separated but I guess since we'll be in 2 different cities you'll get double the stories :)

God's favour has been HUGE on us so far! No trouble with visas and Emirates put us up in a pretty nice hotel, with a buffet dinner :) So our stopover was great! We all had the chance to shower and sleep before our last leg to Uganda.

Gabe + friends went out AFTER our buffet dinner to explore the streets of Dubai and find some roti prata -- they were successful and apparently it's really cheap! It was about $0.25/roti and a BIG bowl of curry is about $5-8!? something like that ...

Anyhow -- just wanted to keep you all posted on our status and let you guys know we're ok :)


Gabe, Karyne (and Audrey)!

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  1. PTL for God's favour! makes me happy to read these updates :) keep it up guys!