Thursday, January 14, 2010

Denise #1 - Hi from Tororo

Hi I'm writing on behalf of the Tororo team. Sorry there have been no updates. Internet is really slow and today is the first chance we had to write you.
Team is doing well. tired, but nobody is sick.
We've been really stretched. been only 3 days but it feels like so much has already happened.
Our schedule so far has been 3 hours of house to house evangelism in the morning, and then crusades in the afternoon. For house to house, we each have to lead a team of locals and we are the main evangelist. They are there to support us and help translate us. We don't know what we're doing but by faith, we just do it. Praise god, we've seen a lot of souls saved, and people getting healed. THe need here is so great, so many children and adults are sick, disabled, tormented by spirits, poor and desolate.
On sunday, we are splitting into four churches to preach.
Then next week, our schedule also changed from just having the h&D conference, to also having revivial meetings every night in addition.

The team is stretched but our faith is just rising up and we are soaring! Everyone has to preach more than they prepared. Everyone has to lead teams to do home to home evangelism. Kevin is doing a children's program every day. They are so many children, just as many as adults.
We are praying for all the other teams in Uganda daily. Hope you guys are having as much fun and work as us!
See you soon!

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