Friday, January 15, 2010

Adrian #3 - Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

Hi Team

As we move around, we witness the Spirit of God moving mightily. But at the same time, we also witness things that shouldn't be happening. Things that breaks our heart. I love what I do because these precious people keep me real and not get lost in the "haves" of our lives. My prayer is always for the Lord to keep breaking my heart for what breaks His.

Over the course of several days now:

1. We have seen children with open wounds and flies (plural) literally eating the flesh of that open wounds.

2. A woman, with a 3 mth old baby, her husband was just murdered by 4 men 1.5 months ago.

3. Church buildings that have been burnt by the LRA. Yet the village people persist to put it together again.

4. Church buildings blown down by natural disaster. People meeting in buildings that are about to crumble. Walls made out of scattered straws.

5. Literally no harvest because of climate change. Famine as people struggle for food. Food prices in the local markets increased because of scarcity. The poor can't afford to buy them because they don't have any money.

6. Man aducted and abused by the LRA. Tormented in spirit, soul and body.

7. A young girl, 7yrs old, who has HIV.

8. A young girl who has to support her family, wants to go to school, but can't afford even to buy a pair of shoes.


Please continue journeying with us as the Lord reveals what is precious to His heart.



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