Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adrian #5 - Testimonies

Hi Team

Amazing Testimonies:

1. HIV. There was a lady that was dignosed with HIV 2 weeks ago. She attended the conference last week and was ministered to. She went back to get tested last Saturday and the report has came back with no HIV.

2. Paralytic. There was a lady who was semi paralytic whereby she can't move her left arm. When the translator lifted her arm, it was like soft rubber or jello. Then literally during ministry, she started moving her arm, twisting it whatever way the translator was instructing her to twisting. Her arm firmed up and was restored to her.

3. When we held the conference in Soroti in 2008, there was a lady that was barren for 11yrs. Her husband treated her real bad as he wanted to have children. So in 2008, the team broke the generational curses off her. She return to this conference (14mths later) with twins. Her husband dotes on her.

4. Before we even spoke in the slums at the crusade yesterday, the Lord impressed on our hearts to call out for healing. As people gathered to testify, 2 people experience healing (1 with the issue of blood, the other with spinal cord problems) and they gave their life to Jesus Christ. Its amazing because we didn't even do anything. God demonstrated himself to them.

Once again, thank you for journeying with us. Please continue to contend with us.



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