Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adrian #4 - The Mighty Holy Spirit

Dear Friends

The conference has begun. There's a total of 400 people, the biggest the town of Soroti has ever seen. The crowd is huge and there's only 8 of us on the Soroti team. Our crusades, as the Ugandians call it, are held in the slums. About 350 people from the slums would come. We wondered how that was going to work because it would be quite impossible to lay hands on all of them. Then, the Lord put something on our hearts. I remembered in 2002, a spiritual father of mine did a ministry in Toronto. Instead of laying hands on people, he asked them to stretch out their hands to the Lord and he just prayed a prayer to cover the masses. The Holy Spirit fell on the people without anyone touching them. It was brilliant. So we decided to give it a try it.

This is what had happened in the conference and the crusades thus far... Within a few minutes, people lined up to testify of their healings. Eye sights were opened up. A woman whose doctor told her the solution to their eye problem was to remove them, had her eyes healed. Her visibility restored completely. Children with high fever became normal in temperature. People wept and fell under the anointing. They were dropping fast to the point that we couldn't catch them in time. There's a lot more stories that we can't even begin to tell you as we can't keep up. This is GOD at work! His goodness and kindess. What we cannot do, He does it in literally a few minutes. Its amazing to step aside and watch what the Holy Spirit does.

But probably one of the highlights is a woman that was tormented by evil spirits. She came to the crusade. For years she persecuted people who told her the gospel. She rejected everything about our faith. Then at the crusade, she came to the front, her body became so weak that she fell to her knees, started weeping, felt her heart almost explode as she gave her life to Jesus Christ. God demonstrated Himself to her. She testified the next day in the crusade. Man, this is so supernatural. Beyond us. God is good.

Anyways, please pray for us. Thanks for journeying with us.



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