Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update From Soroti team (Rodney)

We've finished 2 conferences and crusades in 2 different villages and a Sunday service.  God is moving powerfully!  A few highlights:
  1. The team prayed for a blind man and we asked him to test his eyesight after the prayers. After the first time praying, he began to see more light, so we kept on praying.  Then we asked him to test it again and he began to see outline of things, then just the ground but not the sky.  Finally, after breaking the curse of witchcraft, he began to see everything.  God is good!
  2. There was a pastor who had a brother who was a witch doctor.  The witch doctor wanted to kill him.  We prayed for protection over him and for the plans that God has in store for the pastor.  The pastor felt uplifted and encouraged that someone would walk alongside them.
  3. In Ugandan culture, people are not affectionate with their children or spouses, even within their own homes.  They don't really play with their children and the relationship between spouses and with children are very functional and not relational. On this trip, we saw one of the pastors openly hugging his children and we can tell that the children feel loved.  This is a big breakthrough as we continue to teach how to practically demonstrate the Father's love.  The teams from the past paved the way for this to occur.
This week, we have a 2-day regional conference where more than 100 church leaders from around the region are expected to attend.  We will be preaching what is the Kingdom of God and how to practically live it out in the church and outside the church, including how the church can enable Kingdom living outside the church.  

Thank you for your prayers.  We know they are fueling our work here. 

Kumi update (JTY)

Kumi is about a 2 hour drive from Soroti and very different from the other village we visited called Amuria. It was the real African experience because it was in the village and not a lot of modern civilization was around. Adrian has been to this village previously. This village was never hit by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) so it was different ministering there.  As we arrived, we talked about the Father's heart and forgiveness. At first, there was difficulty ministering due to a lot of bitterness. As Pastor Job reached out for forgiveness from a father perspective, more people responded. 

At the crusade, Moses and Jonathan spoke about dreams with Moses performing one his rap songs. The people loved his song. After speaking, we called for prayer/healing. We saw many healings - toothaches, backpains, stomaches, headaches, salvations. Day 2 was much of the same. Ada talked about blessings/curses and Rosanna talked about relationships in the family. The people loved Rosanna's message as she talked about the difficult areas of intimacy and being vulnerable with their spouse. At the crusade, Tim and Moses talked about water and soil. Moses performed another rap song and worship song. There was a few more healings/salvations at night.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Update from Soroti team (Rodney)

We've had two days of conferences and crusades in Amuria. We spoke on forgiveness and saw God healing people from all the hurts and wounds of the past. We shared about the father's heart in the family and began to break down cultural barriers that were preventing  the love of the Father to be manifested in the family.  At the crusade, we witnessed healings, including the blind beginning to see. God is amazing!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Departure day

Team departs for Uganda tonight and will be flying to Entebbe, Uganda via Dubai. They expect to arrive in Kampala on Sunday afternoon.