Friday, January 15, 2010

Karyne #2 - Update from Tororo

Hello Everyone!

We are doing really well here in Tororo! Working hard but just really
loving it out here!

We start the day (ON TIME) at 9:00am to go to the church and from
there we go on 2-3 hour house-to-house evangelism visits. So we are
out and about the villages/town until about noon - 1pm. We come back
and hang out at the church for lunch until about 2-3pm and then head
back to the hotel for a bit.

We are then picked up at 4:30 to go and do outdoor crusades in the
market areas and we preach/pray/worship until about 7:30pm (when it
gets dark ... there are no lights, so when it's dark we leave).

Prayer Requests:

1. Strength + Health -- we are working at max capacity and so we need
supernatural strength to keep going -- it's only DAY 4!!!!

2. Unity -- amongst our teams and with the churches we partner with;
let us all be open to learn and share; for no offense to be taken when
we mutually try to teach other

3. God to download strategies and sharpen our gifts!

WE MISS YOU ALL!! Thank you for your prayers!!

Team Tororo

PS -- We are all fine!!! IT IS OK!

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