Thursday, January 14, 2010

Audrey #1 - Day 2

Anyway, yesterday was AMAZING! It took us a long time to get to the village. We started off on a normal road, then a bumpy road, then a bumpier road, then a very bumpy road, and to a very very bumby road, and finally to just grass to get to the remote village. Right about 500 meters before the village, we saw these pretty pink fusia flowers tied on the tall grass along the road right into the village. And we found out that the village people put those flowers there just to welcome us into their village. When we were pretty close we heard the village people screaming for joy, dancing, waving flags and singing us a welcome song. I just couldn't contain my tears b/c I was so touched. We are nobodys but yet the village welcomed us like Kings and Queens. When we got into the village mudhut church, they were worshipping just with simple wooden instruments and voices and I could immediately feel God's overwhelming love and presence in that place. God chooses to dwell in the middle of remote Africa b/c thats how much He loves His people. His heart is definitely in the village. Lots of other stories which I have to journal and share with you when I get back.

Anyway on a more personal note...I broke down this morning crying. I'm frustrated b/c I have to give my testimony tomorrow at Village 3 and I feel like I don't have anything that I can share that can relate to the people or that will touch the peoples lives. So I tried soaking at 5am and at about 6am I started to CRY b/c I was getting nothing and was getting frustrated. Then I had thoughts like "why am I here if I have nothing to testify or share with the people" I felt useless....and then I can hear your voice telling me "..hear the truth". So Elaine prayed for me as I was crying (felt like the Alaska moment when I broke down). So I think I'm going to share about the time in Alaska when the enemy tries to tear me down and make me feel small. And how the team was attacked in Alaska. And how we all gathered to pray together and fight back. And how the next morning I woke up with a holy anger in my spirit and stop the enemy from punching me like a punching bag. And when I spoke to the church in Alaska, I spoke with fire and authority. Though I am small and the enemy comes against me ... but I have God with me. God is with me. Greater is He who is in me than who is of this world! And I come against the enemy with the Almighty God.

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