Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rodney #2 - Update from Jinja

Hi Everyone,

We just finished our pastor's conference and are now splitting up into
teams of 2 to go to 3 different villages. Pastor's conference was
great, God moved powerfully! Some highlights:

1. A lady came up to BY after his message and said, "I didn't know
that's what forgiveness was. I learned so much."
2. Pastors came together to repent of their generational curses and
for allowing the Jezebel spirit to operate within their region. They
also corporately asked God to heal their land from curses placed on
it. Very powerful.

Prayer requests:
1. Strength - we are running pretty hard adn not sleeping enough with
message preparation and jetlag. Strength to press in and rest.
2. Leonard - he has an upset stomach, not good.
3. Discernment - we walked into a warzone where teh leaders of teh
region are burned out and there's division in the church. Pray for
discernment for us.


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