Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adrian #2 - Ministry Farming & More

Hi Team

I'm really excited about a particular project that is on its way. The village churches (7 in all) have been hit with massive drought and famine. They are located in remote areas of the Soroti district in Uganda. It is estimated that each church gets sometimes 1 visit a year from the outside, sometimes once in 2 years. As we ministered to the churches we brought along groundnut seeds which is their staple food. Anyways, a project was proposed by the district leader 2 days ago that if each church adopts a project of farming the seeds (4 bags per church), they could farm up to at least 4 acres. Each bag of seed is 1 acre. If the weather holds up, 1 acre or 1 bag will multiply up to 10 bags during harvesting. Then they can take the profits and sow it into their church and people for income. Anyways, the district leaders have undertaken this project to monitor and assist in the farming project.

Visiting Ajuku Village

Yesterday we ministered in Ajuku village. As we entered, we felt the presence of God strongly. The church felt like family. Anyways, as our team together with the Soroti pastors preached on the freedom and abundant life found in the presence of God, we experienced the power of God move in the place. Testimonies of people just walking into the mud hut church instantly getting healed. We didn't even have to touch them. Deaf ears opened up. Back pain gone. Some others testified that as soon as the team touched them, they were healed. We didn't even have to say anything. Such a awesome blessing to witness our Father move in that place.

There was a lady that came to the service though she was feeling ill. As she sat in the service, the pain in her stomach increased that as soon as she stepped out, she collapsed outside the church. Our team along with the Soroti pastors began ministering to her. As they focussed on speaking the presence of God into her, to fill her up, she began to feel alleviated. Then she broke down as the presence of God filled her. She later testified of her healing.

Please continue to contend with us as we realize that it is definitely not by might, nor by power, but only by the Spirit of God.



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