Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tororo - Harvest

So we spent four days doing door-to-door evangelism and a lot of people received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. It seemed too easy.  I wondered if people really understood the meaning of their confession of faith. But then we saw the people whose homes we visited in the morning come to the afternoon crusades, and the next day they returned, and on Sunday, they joined us for worship service.

What a joy it was to see the faces of people whose lives intersected ours even for a brief moment, come into the family of God!  

One lady who is a new believer testified that her daughter used to be tormented by demons everyday and every night. It disrupted her even at school that the teachers asked her not to come in. However, after the whole family received Jesus, that night the demons did not come to bother them and her daughter was able to sleep through the night. The lady also testified that she feels like God has a calling on her life. That she is to quit her business selling alcohol because God has something else in store for her. This all happened within a few days of her accepting Jesus and she can already hear the voice of God!

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