Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adrian #1 - Update from Soroti

Hi Team

We completed our first day in the village called 'Otubet'. The team was overwhelemed by the honor that they gave us. They have little but yet have everything. Poor yet rich in the Spirit.

We are so favored by the people here. They gave us a 4x4 pickup truck, free internet, cheap lodging for a nice place. They love on us like family. In fact, they called us 'family'. Pastor Job said that as family, we are released to do whatever we feel God is leading us to do.

The presence of God was so powerful in Otubet yesterday. We preached on Isaiah 61, declared it over this village church. Then together with the pastors from Soroti that we equipped in 2008, we ministered to the people. Those pastors were awesome. They prayed powerfully, as led by the Spirit. We had many testimonies that were caught on video on healings and deliverance. We will tell you more in the near future.

One story from yesterday:
There was a young man that was aducted and abused by the LRA. When they aducted him, they beat him up real bad. Then they anointed him with oil to claim possession over him (witchcraft). He still feels the sting of the oil over the areas where they oiled him. He was tormented by the spiritual and physical effects of his aduction. When we ministered to him, we led him to forgive the LRA and the events of the aduction. As soon as we cut the soul ties, he fell to the ground under the anointing and the Spirit of God ministered to him. As the team soaked him in the presence of God, he felt a lifting from opression. He was immersed in the Holy Spirit for a while on the dirt. Then he got up and had a smile on his face. We asked him how he felt and he said he felt he has been set free. He kept saying 'Praise Jesus'.

Please continue to contend with us as we walk in Isaiah 61.

Love and Blessings


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