Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ryan #2 - Mbarara

We just finished our last day of ministry here in Mbarara, and God has been moving mightly! It would be impossible to describe all the details here. Suffice to say that we're seeing God move in a way very similar to the way he moved in Life-Spring 4-5 years ago. For example, yesterday, we climbed a small hill to have a heart to heart discussion with the youth mission team that we met on the trip. One of the spiritual mothers of the group, Joanna, began to open up about her own lonliness and how over the week, the Lord has began to heal her and father her. Right then, the Holy Spirit fell mightly. People began to cry and hit the ground (in the middle of a forest!) while God began to bring up hurts in their lives, and heal them. The entire youth group and church has been radically transformed. We're seeing them move in the exact same way God moved in Life-Spring 4-5 years ago.

Many more amazing stories and testimonies to come!

The Mbarara team

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