Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adrian #6 - Cry for Forgiveness

Hi Team

On the 2nd last day of the conference, the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of the pastors in the region of Soroti (16 in all) to call for a repentance for the violence that has taken place in their land. From the invasion of LRA, to the Cattle Raiders, to the tribal wars, to the time of Idi Amin. As people cried in repentance to the Lord, many fell to their knees weeping bitterly. We could feel the heart of the Father moving among the 400 people. Then, in a surprising move, the delegates began to release forgiveness to the ones who did violence against them (as mentioned above). You can see that as they did, a lot of them were crying in deep pain and sorrow. Then to top it of, the people began blessing their former enemies. They stretched their hands in the direction of where their enemies came from and they declared blessings over them. Remember the lady whose huband was murdered by 4 men 1.5 mths ago? She too wept, forgave and blessed his murderers.

Right after, the line for testimonies was extremely long. One by one came and talked about how the LRA has killed their familiy members. How the Cattle Raider poisoned one lady's sister in front of her and she witnessed her death. Then each of them said that for many years they couldn't forgive. In fact it was difficult and even impossible. But as the Spirit of God moved them, they could forgive but not just that, bless them too. The Lord brought closure to many people that day.

The presence of God was the thickest that we have ever seen. Even the pastors were blown away by what the Father did that day. For us, we just stood by the side, not saying a word, watching, praying and crying with the people as we felt their pain and sorrows.



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  1. wow amaaazing! can't wait to hear more details when you guys return :)