Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rodney #3 - Update from Jinja

Hi All,

Thanks for prayers. God is really moving. Some highlights:

1. Street preached because car broke down on the way to a conference
and 2 people came to Christ. Was immediately invited to a house 2
minutes away to pray for the sick. Backache, headaches and stomach
aches went away.

2. Man who couldn't ride a bicycle because his leg was so painful
testified that he had been healed, then jumped for joy as a
demonstration of his healing. Other healings as well.

3. Stretching by preaching not based on notes but based on the Holy
Spirit, Leonard style.

4. BY doing a Leonard imitation...FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM!!!

5. Going with the flow of the Holy Spirit

6. Lady couldn't walk since a young age (she's now in her late 20s,
30s) and was able to walk.

7. People slain in the spirit and weeping under the anointing of the HS.

8. ~50 people saved at the crusades.

9. Pastors touched by the messages at the pastor's conference and
asked their congregation to come to the village conferences. The
church overflowed to the outside.

10. We got avocados, watermelon, and a LIVE CHICKEN!!! As gifts...

Thanks for all the prayers, they're working!

Ada, BY, Rod

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