Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meet the Team Uganda 2013 (Rubongi)

 Gabriel Wee

Name: Gabriel Wee
Occupation: Pastor
# of trips to Uganda: 2

Why I’m going to Uganda:

Why I'm Going to Uganda:
Uganda has such a special place in my heart - this will be my 3rd time going to Uganda - 1st time leading a huge group! My wife and I have been so blessed to have parents that pray for us, a church family that supports us, leaders that push/encourage/believe in us, and friends that love us that going is a natural overflow of what we've received. We feel that sharing these blessings with others is a MUST. To not do so would be selfish.... and we definitely don't want to be selfish =)

If you could eat anything... What would you eat?
BeaverTails!!!! Biased? Yes.... 

 Karen Yong

Name: Karen Yong
Occupation: Personal Trainer
# of trips to Uganda: 0

Why I’m going to Uganda:

I have always had a heart for the nations and after so many doors have been closed for me to go to Uganda, this one is finally wide open! I am so excited to see how God has touched so many Ugandans in the past and even more thrilled to see what new things God has in store. I believe this experience will teach me things I never knew, meet people that will impact my life forever, and more so to witness God’s love like never before. Yay!!

If you could only choose one thing to eat forever, what would it be?
Burritos. Chicken, steak, hali, beef. Top if off with guac, jalapenos, corn, salsa, cheese, sour cream. That’s the stuff.

 Timothy Velez

Name: Timothy Velez
Occupation: Student
# of trips to Uganda: 0
Why I’m going to Uganda:

The stories of past team members has inspired me and sparked a desire to go. Many pictures and videos of the Ugandan people for some unexplained reason began to captivate my heart. I want to go to Uganda to serve them in any way I can. I want to understand what everyday life is for people outside of North America, and especially in a third world country. I’m not exactly sure what I have to offer or give them but I simply want to love the people and show them I care.   

What smell do you wish you could bottle? Summer sunsets. I’m not even sure what that should smell like but it sounds marketable and is my favorite time of day and season!

 Jennifer Ng

Name: Jennifer Ng
Occupation: Registered Nurse
# of trips to Uganda: 0
Why I’m going to Uganda:

I always wanted to know what it’d be like to serve in the third world. What can I offer? How can it be sustained? Is it what they need? For me, there is a special honour in serving the marginalized; something in my Spirit knows that God LOVES it. I’m particularly excited to spend time in learning the healthcare needs of the Ugandans: the gaps, the resources and the ingenuity of the people. I could learn a lot from them in terms of streamlining care.                                  

What smell do you wish you could bottle? I wish I could capture the scent of freshly baked bread. It elicits feelings of warmth, satisfaction and wonder. I’d stuff it in my bag and indulge on trips to and from work on the subway.

 Laura Ma

Name: Laura Ma
Occupation: Business Analyst
# of trips to Uganda: 0
Why I’m going to Uganda:
In the past couple of years, I have experienced God’s goodness and faithfulness in amazing ways. I know that all the experiences are not meant for me to keep it to myself, but to share with many others, so as to bring encouragements to men and praises to God! I’m excited to bring my stories and who I am today to this totally different culture, and see what God may do through me.
I also long to have a crazy adventure with God and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Uganda trip seems to be ideal to fit this purpose. I’m sure it will totally blow my mind.
If I could choose to live in any place, imaginary or real, where would it be?
Narnia, where all the animals are talking, various mythical creatures are present, and endless adventures are waiting to be embarked on!

Derrick Chan

Name: Derrick Chan
Occupation: Student
# of trips to Uganda: 0

Why I’m going to Uganda:

Hearing stories from past Uganda missions teams also made me want to see for myself what God’s doing in Uganda. I feel that God has something that He wants me to see in Uganda. He’s been stretching and preparing me this past year for something and this trip is another leap of faith to see where He’s leading me to.

What smell do you wish you could bottle?
New car smell

Uganda 2013 Meet the team: Andrew Pubalasingam

Name: Andrew Pubalasingam
Occupation: Student
# of trips to Uganda: 0
Why I’m going to Uganda:
I feel like I’ve received so much from the people around me that I need to give out. I have always loved and have a heart for missions as I've been to others in the past. I’m going out of faith and obedience to God and would like to give out all that I can offer in hopes of touching the people there.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
There are many variables that need to be factored in when answering this question like the weather, the season, the size of the wood, the age of the woodchuck, the gender, and even the environment. But according to scientific research an average sized male woodchuck could chuck around 700 pounds of wood.

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