Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip Recap part 3 - Amecet

Since the last team visit to Soroti, we've been hearing a lot about Amecet, the home that offers short-term care for children infected and affected by HIV. The last time the team went there, Adrian was ruined (see previous post).

Going there I was mentally prepared for a solemn afternoon. When we sat down with Els, the lady who started and continues to run the home, she tells of horrific stories of how she found these children, some of them abandoned in a garbage dumps, some of them rescued from the altars of witchcraft, their small bodies full of cuts and burns. She remembers all the children that have come and gone. Her eyes still tear up when she talks about them.

Adrian asked her about the little girl that broke his heart last year. Sadly, she didn't make it. She died shortly after the last visit.

We got a tour of the house. Even though they care for very sick children, the place felt more of a home than a hospital.  They have three shifts of staff providing 24/7 care to the children.  It seemed like the children were really loved and nurtured here. They are taught stories about Jesus, how to pray, and how to take their anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), among other things.

Then we got to play with the children. Adrian brought out the box of toys we brought from Canada--singing Elmos, hot wheels, dinosaurs, dolls...

Adrian unpacking the box of toys for Amecet

Here we are having fun with the children.

Ryan, Theresa and baby

Japheth with Helen
Robert and Buzz Lightyear
It occurred to us that Japheth and Robert themselves probably have never had a chance to play with nice, battery-powered toys like this. It was a pleasure to watch Robert so captivated with a talking Buzz Lightyear.

David holding baby Moses
Denise and baby

Sherene playing with a young girl

The whole scene
We're so glad to have had this chance to spend a light-hearted, fun-filled afternoon with these children who have already endured so much in their young lives. Adrian said that the experience this day brought a lot of healing to him. We all had a good day!

More information on Amecet can be found here:

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