Monday, March 19, 2012

Update from Israel

Through Breaking Christian News, I read that Hamas attacks are aiming farther north closer to Tel Aviv this week.  I am anticipating God's move.  The world shall be stunned by His Power and Might.

As we worshipped at King of Kings Sunday evening and praised our Lord God together as one, the reality of  "leaning on God's protection" took on a profound meaning to me.  Not just for my own personal safety but the safety and preservation of Israel and Her people as a Nation. Tears flowed as we raised our hands to worship God.  

Last Friday was Purim - a day to remember how God rescued the Jews from total destruction.  Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, had in recent weeks given President Obama a decorated scroll telling the Biblical story of the Book of Esther.  He said, "Then, too, they wanted to wipe us out".

Schools were closed for three days to celebrate Purim.  Many dressed up and many got drunk.  

None of us understand the reason why (for the next few weeks) no food or clothing will be sent out;  but instead, families will use the vouchers to shop at participating stores.

We will use this time to do a major job of storing away all winter clothes and bringing out the summer ones.  This involves hours of sorting and organizing plus maneuvering heavy containers up and down the tall shelves using ladders.  Please pray for safety for all the volunteers.  Thank you.


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