Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update from Noah Okiror

Florence and I spend January and a bit of February in Uganda ministering. That was in answer to invitations from a womens' group, rural pastors' seminar and youth rally organisers. The schedule was tight but we managed to pack all the meetings plus a little time with relatives, in that five weeks.
Its always a privilage indeed to be God's vessel and we saw what God can do when we step out in faith. The youth, pastors, childeren and womens' groups were ministered to; to the extent that an open invitation has been given to us and all those we can mobilize, to go again. We too were ministered and we will never be ther same. Thanks so musch for your support and prayers.
We are right now in Singapore catching up with family over here and may be visit our spiritual families/partners in Cambodia and Thailand; before heading back to Toronto.

Uganda mission update.
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