Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mbarara update from Adrian

We've just finished the Father Heart Conference with 1000 people and we're in the midst of a pastors conference with 250 attendees.  Among the pastors and youths, we've met old friends from the Mbarara Deliverance Church.

There are many testimonies which I will report later, but there are two of which I want to tell right now.

Story 1: Mike of Soroti

In the 2011 Uganda trip, there was a gentleman (Mike) that traveled with us wherever we went.  In the process of that, he experienced the tangible love of the Father that transformed his life completely. Upon returning home he did a few things that blew my mind away.

1)  He reconciled with his 4 daughters who brought shame to the family by getting pregnant outside of marriage.  Prior to his transformation, he was an aggressive father who pushed his daughters out of the house when they told him what had happened.  But upon returning home last year, he went to find them, reconciled with them, brought them into his house along with the grandchildren.  Today, because they are fatherless, he is now a father to the grandkids.  An affectionate loving father to his daughters to a point that they love to hug and
embrace him.  For the first time, they celebrated Christmas of 2011 together.

2)  A band of robbers came into his house with guns to rob him.  They were arrested and the police wanted him to press charges.  But instead he told the robbers that he forgave them as he has been forgiven and got the police to release them from their jail cell.

3)  There was a pastor in Soroti that went deranged.  He would walk around naked and physically beat up anyone around him.  Mike fathered him through the process and in the midst of it was beaten up by the pastor several times.  Yet even in spite of that he walked with him, cared for him, provided for him when everyone else wanted to put him in the mental institution.

This is the story of a man that came from an orphan heart, that captured love and now walks in it in his community.

Story 2:  Moses of Masaka

When Moses got married 8 years ago to a lady from a different tribe, his mother objected to the marriage that she enlisted the help of witch doctors and several other ways to stop the marriage. Consequently, he cut off all ties from his mother and father to a point that she hasn't seen her grandkids until this past Christmas. As he processed the love of the Father, he was convinced last year that this love has to be translated and process into relationship starting with his mother.  He is so transparent with his church family that they have been journeying with him on this issue.  

Anyways, last Christmas he brought his family to visit him mother.  She was surprised as it was unannounced.  When he saw her, he reconciled with her saying that he values the relationship over who is right or who is wrong.  He asked her to forgive him and I saw the pictures myself, she had the biggest smile on her face embracing his family.   Now he is convinced that this revelation of the Father Heart needs to affect all the relationships surrounding him and his community.

There are many other stories which I will tell of other men and women who have been impacted by the revelation and transform their family and communities.  I believe that God is raising up fathers in the land of Uganda which has been known as a "Orphaned Nation" to her destiny of "the pearl of Africa".

In the meantime, lots of love and sunshine from Uganda



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