Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tororo makes soy milk

One of the projects being conducted by the church in Tororo under Leadia is to secure provision for those infected by HIV/AIDS through the organic farming of soy beans. So far they have given out 5 kgs of soy seeds to a total of fifty households under a micro loan project. Upon harvest, each household will give back 5 kgs that they will in turn give out to another set of fifty households. A portion of the harvest will also be sold to set up funds for a micro loan scheme.

While we were in Tororo, we had a chance to share with the pastor how to make soy milk from soy beans. Last week, the church tried to make soy milk for the first time. Here are some pictures from the soy milk demo:

Feedback from the people was that they were pleasantly surprised at how milk can come out of soy. The taste of soy milk straight up is still a little foreign to them, however when mixed with coffee or tea leaves, they enjoyed the drink a lot better!

Since last Sunday's demo, they have made soy milk a few more times. In the past year, a lot of people have lost cattle from foot and mouth disease, so these days cow's milk is not as accessible, but they are happy to have soy milk as an alternative. We hope that this new beverage will help enhance the health of the people there.

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